We know the best Czech breweries 2020

The national and international competition usually nominate the best beers. Our goal is to find best breweries –  the key for multipipe beer bars goers and brewery tourists.National beer tasting competitions České a moravské pivní koruny 2020 and Golden Bohemia 2020 hve already found the 27 so called platinum winners, Czech breweries chosen by both international and Czech judges for the year 2020.

The competitions took place in January 29-30 in the Congress Centre Prague. Czech breweries of all sizes can také part and send as many beer samples as they want in 18 cathegories, no matter if bottled or in kegs. This year 62 % of samples were keg beers. The most popular cathegories were Pale Bohemian Lager, Session Bohemian Lager (výčepní, desítka) and IPA.

132 breweries took part in the competitions with 413 beer samples.

Golden Bohemia 2020 awards were given to 37 breweries.

In the international jury  more than 21 renowned beer experts, beer writers and beer events organizers, were present from 9 countries, among them (in alphabet order):

Lorenzo Dabove (Italy)

Luc de Raedemaeker (Belgium)

Werner Glossner (Germany)

Korbinian Heslbeck (Germany)

Pekka Kääriäinen (Finnland)

Masayoshi Kaji (Japan)

Antone Kom (USA)

Ladislav Kovács (Slovakia)

Evan Rail (USA)

Simonmattia Riva (Italy)

Harald Schieder (Germany)

Peter Takács (Hungary)

Tim Webb (Great Britain)

Oliver Wesseloh (Germany)

Michael Zepf (Germany)

and also renowned experts from Czech Republic

Václav Berka

Aleš Dvořák

Jiří Faměra

Ivan Chramosil

Zdeněk Slabý

Lenka Straková

and others.

Jan Šuráň, the international beer judge (WBC, EBS others), President of Czech-Moravian craftbrewery union, was the supervisor of both judging panels, as in previous years.